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(We did a quick review of a while ago. Here’s a closer look.) is a unique and useful Web site for runners, multi-sport enthusiasts, or endurance athletes. The site combines the very popular social aspects of the Internet with race results and event listings.

Some of the main features of the site include:

My Profile:
After a short registration process, you can create a profile that is unique and personal to you. Your profile includes your age, location, a picture of your choice, and a short blurb describing you and what you are doing.

My Results: When you register, the site combs through race results history (over 31,000 races and 13,000,000 results) to find events that you have taken part in. These results are then associated with your profile and can be found by looking at your profile.

You can input any gear you use. For example, I have input my Polar F6 Heart Rate Monitor watch and my Asics as well. You can upload pictures of your gear and include as much detail about your favorite gadget as you like.

Photos: You can add multiple galleries of photos to either share with your friends, make public, or keep private.

My Friends:
If you find someone you know (or even someone you don’t) on Athlinks, you can ask them to be your friend and then easily track their race results and progress right along with them.

My Rivals: Athlinks knows other athletes that you have competed with at least three times and will list them as rivals. Then, like friends, you can track their progress and have a little friendly competition.

Search: Search the Athlinks database by name, event, or use the advanced search to combine a variety of criteria to find people and events that are important to you.

Overall, I really like The event results provides a very valuable service and helps me keep all of my event results in one easy to find place. The nicest part about this is that you don’t really have to work too hard to find the results—in most cases, they find you!

Take a look and let me know what you think!

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