How To Recognize a Marathoner

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From the Official User Gallery of the 2007 Flora London Marathon. Enjoy!

(Thanks to Pamalamadingdong for the tip!)

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Cocky, headstrong, and genetically insecure, Jeanne is known by her friends as the Tall One. Whether its running a marathon, or ringing bells in choir, this love-able rapscallion finds ways of landing in all kinds zany, madcap adventures. You can find Jeanne musing about life, running, bell ringing, and other things at her favorite hangout, Not Born to Run. When not regaling her public with tales from the trails, Jeanne works as a Web editor for a national newspaper. She is also a freelance writer. Jeanne lives in the leafy suburb of Bethesda, Md., just outside the Beltway.

  1. thodarumm on April 27th at 8:04 am

    Thank you! That was hilarious!

  2. mattshu on April 27th at 9:57 am

    You gotta band-aid up those nipples.

  3. Perry on April 27th at 3:29 pm

    Great! Just great.

  4. Louann on April 28th at 8:48 am

    This was great. I’ve been that person trying to walk down a hill after a run. Ouch.

  5. Leana Jo H. on April 28th at 9:53 am

    That was a great video. Isn’t that what we look like, when we try to walk normal, like everyone else?? We runners are sooooo different…But thank God for that!!!

  6. Irene on April 28th at 10:51 am

    I’m the one looking up at the stairs! LOL… Thanks for posting this, Jeanne!

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  8. Dawn - Pink Chick on April 30th at 7:09 pm

    I sure hope I don’t look, act or feel like any of those people after my marathon in June.

  9. Clay on May 1st at 2:26 pm

    I felt that way this last Saturday, but only did 14. I posted it to my blog. Thanks for showing this.

  10. Jack on May 2nd at 5:11 am

    That was great, thanks for posting.