Retail Therapy: Runway Meets Running

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Most men probably have no clue who Stella McCartney is, or they think she’s Paul McCartney’s ex-wife with the prosthetic leg and questionable past. Women in the know are more likely to be aware that Stella McCartney was the head designer for Chloé for years before launching her own brand of high-fashion, celebrity-hyped clothing.

It seems Stella McCartney has temporarily abandoned her trademark floating dresses for the sporting world. Running attire included. One item that peaked my interest was this shirt by Stella that claims to be both fashionable and posture improving.



According to Adidas, the new Running Tee by Stella McCartney has strategically placed “Powerweb” bands that link key muscles and work like springs to increase athletic power and will bring explosive energy to your movements. For $190.00 it better explode something other than my wallet.

  • Tight fit; 3/4 length
  • 77% polyester / 23% elastic single jersey
  • Imported

Available at

Has anyone out there had a “Powerweb” experience? Please leave me a comment and let me know.

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I am a runner.I run to keep myself on track physically, mentally, and to ensure I do not spend all my money on shoes.

  1. Blaine Moore (Run to Win) on April 12th at 8:25 am

    That’s just weird…

    Maybe it is because I’m a guy, but I can’t imagine wearing something that tight that purposefully pulled muscles together. Getting outside of the ethics of it (assuming that you’d only use it in training) I wonder how it can actually work to help your performance.

  2. Irene on April 12th at 7:03 pm

    *GASP* $190.00? And I thought my running shoes were pricey…

  3. Dawn - Pink Chick on April 15th at 5:46 pm

    I liked it, until I saw the price. Even the Pink Chick doesn’t pay that much for a pink shirt…lol.

  4. jank on April 18th at 2:50 pm

    If it provides “enhancements” half as good as those the pictures, I’m all for allowing it on the road.

  5. Beginner FrenchLessons on November 6th at 6:19 pm

    $190 for running tee, I ‘d prefer running naked!