A Short History of Women’s Running

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womens runningMarch is Women’s history month and in honor of that, here is a very short list of some significant events in the history of women’s running. For more complete lists of achievements please visit the links below.

1928 – Women first allowed to compete in Olympic Track & Field events. Reports of fainting after the 800 meter final cause the event to be dropped until 1960.

1936 – Two women enter the 13-mile uphill Pike’s Peak race.

1959 Arlene Pieper runs the full 26-mile Pike’s Peak up-and-down course in 9:16.

1966Roberta Gibb “unofficially” runs the Boston Marathon with a time of 3:21:40.

1967Kathrine Switzer runs the Boston Marathon with an “official” number.Kathrine Switzer

1970 – The Road Runners Club of America holds first championship marathon for women (won by Sara Mae Berman in 3:07:10).

1971Adrienne Beames becomes the first woman to run a marathon in under 3 hours with a time of 2:46:30.

1971 – Boston & New York City marathons officially open for women.

1972 – U.S. Congress passes Title IX prohibiting gender based discrimination in federally funded programs.

1977 Lisa Lindahl and Hinda Miller create world’s first sports bra created by combining two male athletic supporters and a bit of thread,23414,1065977,00.html

1984 – Women’s marathon added to Olympic Games and won by American Joan Benoit Samuelson in 2:24:52.

2003Pam Reed draws attention to women in ultra running by becoming the overall winner in the 135-mile Badwater Ultra Marathon.

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    You da man! er…woman! (nice job) 🙂

  3. Anne on March 28th at 5:10 pm

    What a great idea, Jessica. I had the pleasure of once running alongside Joan Benoit Samuelson in a race — for all of about five seconds. Certainly a highlight for me.

    What these women were able to accomplish deserves some attention — thanks for drawing it to them.

  4. Blaine Moore (Run to Win) on March 28th at 7:14 pm

    One of the advantages of living where I do is that I get to race against Joan at least a few times a year, and see her out running pretty regularly. She even punched me during a race, once. She is a very nice and very approachable person.

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