Retail Therapy: Pocket Tote Workout Bag, by Hat Attack

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Why should your gym bag be boring? Take a look at this one available at Lucy, it has plenty of room for your running shoes, water bottles, a change of clothes and any other essential marathon gear. It’s also great for those spontaneous weekend getaways. And with spring on the way, this pattern will blend right in. It’s lightweight and durable. Check your bag with style.


Available at Lucy, $58.00. Size: 17″ tall x 19″ wide x 5″ deep.

Go on, live a little! You deserve it.

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I am a runner.I run to keep myself on track physically, mentally, and to ensure I do not spend all my money on shoes.

  1. IHateToast on February 23rd at 4:26 am

    does drooling count as one of the ways we dehydrate? love the link. thank you, susan. i will have a bag for my moxies. i even learned a new word. key fob. i must use it 5 times a day for a week.

  2. laptop on March 2nd at 4:56 am

    well its a really preety decent bag .. i would love to have for my gf…. $58 is quite reasonable i think