Photo(s) of the Week: The Standard Chartered Greatest Race on Earth

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photo of the weekThink local—run global!

The Standard Chartered Greatest Race on Earth, created in 2004, is a relay race across four established marathons in Nairobi, Singapore, Mumbai and Hong Kong. These four marathons represent some of the toughest running conditions in the world and, as such, attract top runners. In 2005/06 there were 24 male and 30 female GROE runners placing in the top 10 of each of the four marathons.

There are over 80 teams and 300 participants taking part in the 2006/07 race. The race covers marathons in Nairobi, Singapore, Mumbai and Hong Kong:

* The highest race at over 1,600 metres in Nairobi – 29 October 2006
* The island race around Singapore – 3 December 2006
* The historic race through Mumbai – 21 January 2007
* The harbour race across Hong Kong – 4 March 2007 (“uphill all the way,” says the Web site).

In Mumbai, the “The top 3 best-dressed participants will be given a cash prize.” Now that’s what I call a level playing field!

Some photos from last year’s Mumbai Marathon (results from yesterday were not yet posted):



Sammy Karanja running the Nairobi marathon (he finished third in the “nation” category for Kenya):

Start planning now to participate in next year’s Greatest Race on Earth.

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  1. thodarumm on January 22nd at 7:50 am

    Cool picture.
    Cool because I am Indian and am amazed at the women who are running with Sarees, cool because I never used to run when I was in India and to see them doing it there now is inspiring ( although they seem to be doing it more for fun..which is OK) and lastly, my BIL participates in these races as an employee of Standard Chartered ( I never knew about this till he came to be a member of our family).

    The Kenyan Runners are always an inspiration 🙂