Baby, It’s Warm Outside!

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running shortsAre you revelling or resisting this winter warm spell?

In the Stanford, Conn., The Advocate, Jan. 7, 2006,
Runners Getting Spoiled by This Winter’s Warmth, one writer opines:

For runners in New England, this winter has proven to be a rather Convenient Truth, to turn the Al Gore global warming film title on its head. Even the pre-dawn or late night runners don’t need all their fingers to count how many times they’ve needed to cover those digits with gloves. The only thing hats have been necessary for is to keep the warm sunlight out of your eyes. Winter clothing is languishing on sale racks at the local running stores, or gathering dust in the bottom of a drawer at home. In fact, many runners have had to retrieve their warmer weather gear from out of storage, making an extra wardrobe switch in response to the balmy conditions.

And here in Washington, D.C., the warm weather has brought forth the early blossoming of the cherry blossoms. And the AP reports this:

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration projected that December, January and February would be about 2 percent warmer in the Northeast than the 30-year average, citing both the oscillation of the ocean-atmosphere system in the tropical Pacific, or El Nino, as well as long-term climate trends.

How are you coping with the warm weather? Getting spoiled by it? Or are you dealing with snow, ice and cold where you are? Ah, if only!

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  1. Peter on January 9th at 4:31 am

    i went running around Stanford today in the middle of the day. niiiiiiice.

  2. Blaine Moore (Run to Win) on January 9th at 7:51 am

    It has been a mix of cold with snow and super warm weather (we’re talking 40s and 50s!) so far here in Maine. I have been getting a lot of night time running in and have not done a single lunch loop yet.

    I was in Connecticut this past weekend where it got into the 70s…man, that seemed weird. While I have had plenty of bare-chest runs in January/February before, it usually isn’t that warm when I’m doing them. At least this time I won’t get a burn on my chest since I was running on roads and not on the ice of a nice reflective frozen lake…