Training Tips for the New Year

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This year has almost come and gone. Soon it will be New Year’s Day and the start of a new training calendar. Speaking of which, do you have one to log your workouts on?

Logs for tracking/planning 2007

I did a Google search and got a list of over 40,000 some odd logs for tracking training. Here’s a few to chose from. If you have one you would like to suggest, leave a comment with the details.

Races & Other Events

Of course your plan will include the races and such that you decide to challenge. Not sure what you want to tackle or when it is happening. Here’s a few Web sites that list that information.

Training Plans

Now that you have your log and your races you need to plan what training is required. For that you might want to a number of sites that offer training plans for various distances. Some of these are listed below.

How Far Did I Run

Not sure how far you ran or cycled? Don’t have a fancy GPS tool to help you? Then check out these links.

Remember when planning your training calender to always allow for flexibility. Pick what works for you, your family and your lifestyle. If you’re new to any of these activities, please consult your family doctor.

Sometimes what we plan for doesn’t always happen. Don’t beat up on yourself—just be prepared to change things as necessary. No matter what you decide or plan for in 2007, have a great year and remember the Complete Running Network gang will be here with great articles to help you along the way.

Got more you would like to suggest for planning, logging or training in 2007? Leave a comment with the details.

All the best in 2007.

About Dawn - Pink Chick

For several years the only running I did was to run the annual 10k race in the spring. I got my best time when I ran hungover on only a few hours sleep. Finally one year I decided maybe I should really pick up running again on a regular basis and attended a running clinic. After finishing the 10k that year I continued to train and ran my first half marathon. That was in 2002. Later in 2002 I moved to Calgary where my running friends nick-named me Pink Lady, Pinko, Pinky and finally Pink Chick simply because I almost always wore pink when I ran. Truth be known I wear it almost all the time. I ran, well mostly walked, my first marathon in 2003. Since then I've run a ton of shorter 5/10k races, 9 half marathons and I added a second marathon in 2007 when I ran the San Diego RnR Marathon. Today I still run. I'm slow but I'm still out there and lovin' it. Someday I hope to join the Triathlon world.

  1. Dawn - Pink Chick on December 29th at 12:54 pm

    By the way I found a bug in my Column Log and have revised it. So if you downloaded it prior to lunch today you may want to grab the new version. Sorry bout that gang. But looks like I’m human after all.

  2. Goutham on December 29th at 2:18 pm

    RunningAhead ( seems to be a nice site to track your workouts as well. I have not used it yet but heard good things about it so far.

  3. Paul Petersen on December 29th at 3:25 pm

    The Fastrunning Blog ( is also a very good web-based running log that tracks miles, exports reports, and other things. It has blogging capabilities, so other people can comment on your training, encourage you, and give tips (and vice versa). I’ve been using it for the last year, and there’s a really nice online community there now, with a variety of runners who range from aspiring to qualify for Olympic Trails to simply wanting to get in shape again. Highly recommended.

  4. mark "booya" sta-ana on December 29th at 3:27 pm

    Great post Dawn!

    I second Running Ahead, it’s a great training log (with graphing) and run mapper. They have a thriving forum and have recently added a feature to locate other users runs to their mapping tool. There’s also a host of performance calculators.

    Re: Training programmes – I’m going to try the FIRST training programme, I’m time poor so have three focussed runs (speed, tempo and long) a week suits me great.