Nike + iPod: What if You Don’t Run in Nike?

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running tipsWhen the Nike + iPod kit came out, I thought it was really a cool idea. The thought of integrating your music and a time/distance tool in to one neat little kit was really intriguing. The downside for me was the fact that I don’t really care for Nike shoes. Never have. Even when I wasn’t a runner, I didn’t really wear Nike. They just don’t seem to fit my foot.

This is no longer a problem. A few enterprising folks have come up solutions to allow you to use your Nike + iPod combination with ANY shoe. Take a look at some of these solutions:

  • This is a neat little idea and looks like it would work very well. The hard case keeps your transmitter safe and the clip on the back makes it easy to move from shoe to shoe. $7.99
  • This is a little more basic, but should do the trick. Nothing fancy, just what you need to attach your transmitter to your shoe. $5.99
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  • Podophile has a homemade solution that uses Velcro and a little ingenuity to attach your transmitter to any of your shoes. This has the benefit of being free and fairly secure.
  • Sportsuit Sensor+: This is a nice little neoprene pouch that attaches to the laces of your shoe. Designed specifically for the iPod transmitter, it looks like it should work well. $9.95
  • Nike Shoe Wallet: This is a product direct from Nike, that may work to hold your transmitter. It’s not designed specifically for doing this (obviously Nike would rather sell the shoes) but it would most likely do the trick. $8.00 (Out of stock)
  • Bottom-line, you no longer have to wear Nike shoes to enjoy the benefits of the Nike + iPod transmitter system. Any of the solutions noted above should work to manage the transmitter securely and get you out running in your New Balance, Puma, or any other brand shoe you choose.

  1. Lopa for Nike on December 29th at 9:22 am

    In addition, Nike+ users can now issue fitness challenges to themselves, friends, family, or anyone else they care to, at, the online home of the Nike+ system. Using Nike+, consumers can track miles, pace, time and calories burned, and the system’s software charts individual’s progress on a PC and online. So, when declaring a challenge via, hiding from your resolution – or your peers – is no longer an option. And if simply seeing oneself fall short online isn’t motivation enough, after January 31st Nike will begin posting the consequences of those unaccomplished challenges on the site as shared by the runners themselves.

    They already have a few up there. You can see them at

  2. Invincible Ed on December 30th at 7:40 pm

    check out They have cool holders that lace into your shoes, and they give a discounted price if you buy in multiples.

  3. Joel on January 2nd at 6:28 pm

    If you don’t have an iPod or Nikes you can still use Phillips-Nike MP3Run:

  4. Ebitty on January 3rd at 7:48 am

    Awesome post! Thanks! That was perfect timing after the holidays. I’ll consider Nike shoes for my next pair to go with my new kit, but usually they are too narrow for my feet.

    In the meantime, I just whipped up a little sensor holder for my new + kit by knitting up something similar to the sensor cosy (thanks also to a-go-go).

    One thought is this outside mounting might not work for wet weather.. don’t think the sensor is waterproof so it probably will need to be inside of a baggy when it rains.

    So far the nikeplus site is real handy and pretty to look at. I wish they let you comment on the individual workouts. Also it can be slow sometimes. The goal setting and virtual reward area feature is inspiring, can’t wait to collect a few completed goals!

  5. smoothrunner on January 4th at 8:06 pm

    The sensor is completely waterproof. So no baggy required. I’m a Shoe Pouch user, and love it. Why did I pick that one? The lacelid looked like it would fall out, the runaway(switcheasy) looked like it could become unclicked or rock around (which I’ve seen on other posts). Marware looked good too, but it was twice the price of the Shoe Pouch when you include shipping and not as low profile. Didn’t feel like losing it with taping, under the laces or sewing a thingie myself, I tried the laces/sock and lost it twice and had to backtrack to find it. From my looking around, it appears that its important for the sensor to be tight to the shoe and not rock around since it counts the foot strikes. Hope that helps.

  6. runnergal on May 12th at 7:40 am

    fantastic advice i was worrying when I got this as a gift for mothers day and wondering hoe to use the chip when I switch shoes.. thanks for your expertise!