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inspirationIt’s the holiday season, and like most people at this time of year, a bit of reflection is in order. So here goes my 2 cents worth of introspection and reflection.

Hi! I’m Lee and I’m a runner. Yes I’m addicted, and I’m not going to give it up!

This is a (mostly) harmless addiction aside from a few injuries here and there, and occasional gastrointestinal distress, usually felt before or during races. So what makes this seemingly simple yet fantastically complex activity so compelling to me?

Well, I used to be pretty good at it, and it gave me an opportunity to travel, meet new people, snag a few medals, but most of all teach me some life lessons in perseverance, dedication, commitment and time management. These are lessons I’ve used throughout my life and hope someday my children will have the opportunity to learn too.

Running has been my choice of psychotherapy for depression, stress and any other mood altered state I’ve been subjected too. The neat thing is that there is now good research to back up what most runners already knew- running is good for your mental health!

The fitness aspect of running is irrefutable. There are so many benefits and too little space to write them all down. Suffice it to say, runners enjoy a better quality of life directly as a result of their enhanced physical fitness.

Let’s not forget the friendships that running affords us. The camaraderie of training together and the bonds that are forged in the fire of competition are perhaps some of the strongest and most endearing qualities that running has. There are many people whose friendship I would have never known if not for running.

Running has been the one constant in my life for the past 28 years. It is the glue that has held everything else together and given me a balanced perspective on life.

Running is not just an addiction, it is part of who I am and without it, I am less.

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  1. thodarumm on December 27th at 11:19 am

    Love this entry. I could not relate to this before I started running. But I can identify with every single one now.