Book Review: Guide to Road Racing

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I first picked up Alberto Salazar’s Guide to Road Racing while I was in the beginning stages of training for a marathon, I have gone back to it numerous times for various information. This is a solid reference for any runner as well as a good cover to cover read for anyone interested in starting to run. The book covers all of the following in good detail:

  • Base training
  • Speed training
  • Nutrition
  • Avoiding injuries
  • Mental conditioning
  • Race preparation
  • Weight training
  • Treadmill training tips

Walking the line between too advanced and technical and not advanced or technical enough is difficult for any running book. Alberto Salazar manages to do a great job of finding just the right balance between advanced topics for the seasoned veteran and great nuggets of wisdom for the beginning runner. This is where this book shines.

In addition, the book manages to cover a wide range of topics in a relatively short time frame. This is not huge tome that rambles on for thousands of pages. With the index and appendix, this book comes in at under 300 pages. Easily manageable in a few days of easy reading and well worth the time.

If you are serious runner looking for a good reference to find those tasty bits that will put your running season over the top and help you achieve your goals, this book is for you. Also, if you are a beginning runner just looking to avoid injury and to keep running interesting and fun, this book is for you also. Bottom-line this is a book that should find a place on every runners bookshelf.

Also, this is a great stocking stuffer or holiday gift for that runner in your life. Run out to the book store and buy a copy today. Or, even better, click the link on this page and buy it online!

Alberto Salazar’s Guide to Road Racing

By Alberto Salazar and Richard A. Lovett
ISBN: 0071383085

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