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featured websiteTired of the current way you track the running, cycling, swimming and whatever activies you do. If that’s the case you might want to check out BreakingTheTape (BTT) – the online resource for athletes.

The site was developed by Jeff (aka Aginghipster) and Reece. They were tired of using different applications to track workouts, blog about them, analyze them, map them and display them. So, rather than wait for something to be developed, they created their own one-stop place and decided to share it with other athletes. The site offers blog hosting, workout tracking, mapping links, analysis tools and creative ways to display your workout information in the body of your blog entries.

With BreakingTheTape you can:

  • Add workouts including time, location, workout type, weather, notes, etc. Pace is calculated automatically and values are stored to allow the athlete to display their data in imperial or metric format.
  • Include gMaps pedometer links to your workouts, or upload an XML document (coming soon!) from your favorite GPS and have gMaps map it for you.
  • Graph your sports, workouts, routes and distances in numerous ways. A number geek’s wildest dream!
  • Drop easy to use scripts into the sidebars of your blog to show accumulated distance, projected race paces or into the body of a blog entry to show your last workout.

The home page includes:

  • A center area listing recent posts by bloggers using BTT as their host.
  • A Main Menu on the left with Home, News, BBT Blogs, Links, About BBT, Sign Up! and Contact Us.
  • A Login area at the bottom of the left sidebar.
  • The Right sidebar list recently logged workouts by members.

Sign up is quick & easy, just click the link in the Main Menu on the left. I’ve been using it since early 2006 and love it. Definitely worth checking out to track your 2007 workouts.

Got a Web site to recommend? Leave me a comment with the details.

About Dawn - Pink Chick

For several years the only running I did was to run the annual 10k race in the spring. I got my best time when I ran hungover on only a few hours sleep. Finally one year I decided maybe I should really pick up running again on a regular basis and attended a running clinic. After finishing the 10k that year I continued to train and ran my first half marathon. That was in 2002. Later in 2002 I moved to Calgary where my running friends nick-named me Pink Lady, Pinko, Pinky and finally Pink Chick simply because I almost always wore pink when I ran. Truth be known I wear it almost all the time. I ran, well mostly walked, my first marathon in 2003. Since then I've run a ton of shorter 5/10k races, 9 half marathons and I added a second marathon in 2007 when I ran the San Diego RnR Marathon. Today I still run. I'm slow but I'm still out there and lovin' it. Someday I hope to join the Triathlon world.

  1. Blaine Moore (Run to Win) on December 1st at 8:01 am

    I have been using breaking the tape for a few months, and have back filled my data back to April. My plan is to finish back filling all of 2006 by the end of the year, and to give a review of it at Run to Win in January.

    I like it a lot, but there are definately some shortcomings with the site. It fits my style of logging pretty closely, though, so once the bugs get fixed I think that it will be a top-notch option.

  2. Dawn - Pink Chick on December 1st at 10:00 am

    As with anything there is always room for improvement but I’m glad that Jeff & Reece decided to share their creation with the world. When I first signed up you had to email Jeff to get your id, etc. Now you can sign up online. They’ve since added new scripts and a combined workout feature.

    I don’t know much about the blogging side of things but perhaps one of the hosted sites could add a comment about that.

    I look forward to reading your review in January.

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