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There are many, many fitness related Web sites out there—more than anyone could possibly use or need—and that’s why when I first saw a link to a Web site called, I was not overly excited. However, after visiting the site, logging on, entering some workout information, and learning a little about the site, I have found that there is a lot to be excited about. is packed full of useful, interesting, and unique features put together in an easy to learn and use package.

On the main page, there is an explanation as to how the site name relates to its purpose:

Fit Tools to Get You in Shape

  • track your workouts,
  • map running / biking routes
  • plan activities
  • research exercises
  • calculate your body mass index
  • read articles
  • discuss new ideas
  • and

  • much more.

Link Tools to Connect With Others

  • find activity partners
  • training groups
  • personal trainers
  • health clubs
  • fitness studios and local events based on your goals and interests. allows you to enter a very detailed personal profile, keep an online journal, post photos to a personal photo gallery, find friends, plan upcoming workouts (they have over 300 exercises documented and available for use in your workouts), document past workouts, and create custom groups. For runners and walkers, offers the ability to enter and save your running routes directly on the site—showing your mileage and multiple views of the map—and then link those routes to your daily workouts. Truly, there is more functionality packed in to this site than I could possibly say. Every time I think I’ve seen all the site has to offer, I find another little gem hidden away in some corner.

Bottom line, is a comprehensive exercise log website and much more. It offers everything you could want from a fitness log and also adds in an incredible amount of additional features. Once you log on, create your profile and start using the site, you will find the site and it’s functionality fun, useful, and simple to use.

If you are interested, you can view my profile and exercise data here:

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