Photo of the Week: Swim Start – Ironman Florida 2006

Last weekend, November 4th I spent the day on the beach watching thousands of athletes head into the waves as they started out on their journey to become Ironmen. I waded out into the waves to capture this and many other photos.

It was pretty awesome to be standing there to capture a photo similar to one I featured a while back.
IMF-Swim Start

You can read about the excitement of the event and stories from the weekend on my blog or over at the blogs of those I met up with – Ellie, Nancy, Linae, Shawn, Holly, Shelley, Trimama, Commodor, Tri-Geek Kahuna, Roman and Bolder – Some competed, some volunteered and some like me cheered on our friends.

For more about Ironman Florida, check out the event website.
Got a photo you would like to share? Please leave me a comment.