What Is Your Ultimate Marathon Destination?

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For many people — especially long time runners — the history of the Boston Marathon is irresistable. For others, it’s the Big Apple-y-ness of the New York Marathon that’s compelling. For me, what we have in North America is fine and dandy but there’s so much more to consider.

Take Rome for example!

Rome Marathon

I’m of Italian heritage so the pull to the Rome Marathon should be pretty obvious.

What about you? If someone could give you a ticket to run a marathon anywhere, where would you want to go?

Boston, New York, Rome, London, Athens Greece (the original marathon route!), Paris? Or would it be another exotic location.

Please share!

[photo via Rome Marathon website]

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  1. RunningJayhawk on October 14th at 10:00 am

    My dream marathon is DUBLIN!! I’ve been fascinated with Ireland for ages and there’s no other way than I want to see the city than on foot.

    …and of course, after I cross the finish line I could stumble into a neighborhood pub for a nice glass of Guinness.

  2. Dawn - Pink Chick on October 14th at 10:27 am

    Cool picture. I dream about running in lots of locations. Having met, well not in person, so many great bloggers, I would love to travel more to the US, to Germany, France and so many more places.

    Of course I do dream of running Boston by the time I’m 70. I figure with 20 years of training and slower qualifing times, I might just make it. 🙂

  3. darrell on October 14th at 11:49 am

    I’ve always wanted to go to Australia. If I could run a marathon while I was there, all the better. My wife, Italian like Mark, is pushing for Rome.

  4. Adeel on October 14th at 2:47 pm

    I would probably run New York or Chicago, two of the best marathons in the world in two of the best cities in the world. You could also throw London into that mix.

  5. Linda on October 14th at 6:34 pm

    I’d like to run the Victoria marathon or maybe one in Alaska.

  6. warren on October 15th at 3:30 am

    Honestly, the large marathons don’t appeal to me. My ideal race would be a small, scenic marathon. Something on a similar theme to the covered bridges half marathon.

  7. Jack on October 16th at 4:20 am

    I always wanted to do the Adirondack marathon around Schroon Lake, NY. Why, if you’ve ever been there this would not be a question you would need to ask! My dream Ultra would probably be the Ultra Trail Tour du Mont Blanc which is a rugged 155K 8500 meter mountain ultra traversing France, Switzlerland and Italy.

  8. Lake Runner on October 16th at 2:32 pm

    My favourite so far has been Copenhagen – nice and small (4,000 runners) so you can run on your own pace and not end up tripping over everyone else for the first half like in Berlin or Paris.
    Would like to do the Jungfrau marathon at some point…very scenic….