Video of One Very Stylin’ Barefoot Runner

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This video stars a fellow named ‘Yanni’ who is to be found in the Running Barefoot Yahoo Group. Yanni posted this very stylized video of himself running at night in London. This video is so cool we think anyone seeing it might just give barefoot running a try.

[source: Running Barefoot]

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  1. mark "booya" sta-ana on September 30th at 6:05 am

    holy cow! that guy is hard core! i used to live in london and wouldn’t dare run barefoot, the risk of treading on needles and broken glass is too great.

    he seem to go at a far pace, did i see him past a guy on a scooter?

  2. bex on October 2nd at 2:44 pm

    Fun video! Except I can’t understand a word of what the guy is saying on it.