Video: Running on Ice

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There are few tests of a runner’s technique better than running on ice. Being able to run on ice — especially at the speed shown in the clip below — demonstrates excellent balance and timing, and efficiency of form (i.e. by not slipping, energy is not wasted).

Dr. Nicholas Romanov (originator of the Pose Method of Running) shows how it’s done with the claim that, if you learn to run using his method, you can also run with the balance and timing required to run on ice.

Note: Quicktime is required to view this video.

[via Posetech vlog]

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  1. Soozan on September 30th at 3:32 pm

    i have the CDs – i guess finding them and watching might help.

  2. Strata Scheme on June 18th at 5:44 am

    Runners should try this running on ice….as it helps them to maintain their balance….although it might be a little difficult in the beginning, I am sure it will be beneficial.