Photo of the Week: Ironman Florida

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A few weeks ago I featured a photo from Ironman Canada. This week I’d like to feature a swim photo from Ironman Florida. Ironman Florida is only a few weeks away on November 4th. We have several members of the Running Blog Family that will be heading to this event.

You’ve trained long and hard; best of luck in your upcoming race.

This photo is part of Ironhen’s photostream.

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For several years the only running I did was to run the annual 10k race in the spring. I got my best time when I ran hungover on only a few hours sleep. Finally one year I decided maybe I should really pick up running again on a regular basis and attended a running clinic. After finishing the 10k that year I continued to train and ran my first half marathon. That was in 2002. Later in 2002 I moved to Calgary where my running friends nick-named me Pink Lady, Pinko, Pinky and finally Pink Chick simply because I almost always wore pink when I ran. Truth be known I wear it almost all the time. I ran, well mostly walked, my first marathon in 2003. Since then I've run a ton of shorter 5/10k races, 9 half marathons and I added a second marathon in 2007 when I ran the San Diego RnR Marathon. Today I still run. I'm slow but I'm still out there and lovin' it. Someday I hope to join the Triathlon world.

  1. Nancy Toby on September 25th at 7:31 pm

    Now you’re scaring me, Dawn.

    But . . . thanks!!

  2. Dawn - Pink Chick on September 25th at 8:22 pm

    Oops sorry Nancy. I thought it was a cool picture. The beautiful blue ocean and the blue sky above with just a line of swimmers in black to break the horizon.

  3. Karen in Calgary on September 26th at 6:01 pm

    Man… what it would be like to see that LIVE, eh?

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