The New Apple Nano & Shuffle: Perfect for People Who Enjoy Running to Music

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running gearWith all the coolness and innovation surrounding Apple products, it’s no wonder they sell so well. For people who like to run with music, it’s been nothing but good news followed by even better news. Specifically, Apple’s Nano has always been a terrific product for runners, but it got even better when Apple and Nike partnered to create the Nike+iPod Sportkit.

The tradition of the Nano has just gotten a lot more colorful with Apple’s brand-new, very stylish lineup. Check ’em out:

Apple Store

And if that weren’t enough, Apple has also redesigned its Shuffle into the cutest, most convenient little clip-on mp3 player you ever did see:

Apple Store

With these two new offerings from Apple, people who enjoy running to music have a lot to be happy about and, for those of you with loved ones who are runners, wouldn’t one of these make the perfect gift?

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  1. Dawn - Pink Chick on September 15th at 7:09 pm

    I want the pink one! 🙂

  2. Karen in Calgary on September 16th at 10:52 am

    Can’t envision anyone wanting the PINK one…

    … oh wait a minute, maybe I can 😉

  3. Karen in Calgary on September 16th at 11:39 am

    So, for those folks who are totally ignorant of this kind of thing (like me), where is the BEST LEGAL place to buy on-line music? Is it possible to buy gift certificates for these sites, so that the giftees (my ipod-toting son, for example) don’t have to have credit cards or paypal accounts to pay for download music?

  4. Rudi on September 18th at 8:25 am

    My one issue with folks who run (or cycle) with music is that they tend to be oblivious to the world around them. Thus, they present a danger in certain situations, like:

    – running on multi-use paths (MUPs)
    – running on trails that are open to fellow runners, cyclists and horseback riders

    I don’t have a problem with runners who keep the volume low, or listen with one earphone (which, to me, is the recommended way to go). But that’s the much more the exception than the rule. I’ve seen many incidents on the various MUPs in and around Washington, DC, where runners wearing headphones have nearly been taken out by fellow trail users. Even cyclists who give fair warning with the legally-required bells or horns are completely tuned out by headphone-festooned runners, which is an extremely dangerous situation. Worse yet are the folks who, when passed, yell that they weren’t warned, even when they were.

    So while I love the new iPods for the runners who like some music with their strides, a bit of care needs to be taken.

    Just my $0.02 as a cyclist who loves and supports the running set.

  5. Mark Iocchelli on September 18th at 9:01 am

    Karen: How about we answer in a future post?

    Rudi: Good point. Running with music must de done carefully and with awareness of what’s going on around you.