Via YouTube: World’s Strongest Dad

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inspirationIt doesn’t get any more inspiring than this, folks! For your viewing amazement, here are Dick and Rick Hoyt. Note: This YouTube video may not be visible in bloglines or other feed readers.

  1. Danielle in Iowa on September 2nd at 3:29 am

    Sheesh, thanks a lot. It’s way too early in the morning to make me cry 🙂

  2. YouTube: More Team Hoyt (Rick and Dick) » Complete Running Network on October 7th at 2:51 pm

    […] Our World’s Strongest Dad post from a few weeks ago continually brings people to CRN so we thought we’d feature two more video clips by this amazing dynamic duo. These two video clips are more documentary in nature than World’s Strongest Dad was. Are you ready to be inspired? […]

  3. The Torbert Family ~ on October 21st at 4:16 pm

    What an AWESOME, INSPIRING story….it’s amazing when you, as a parent, comes face-to-face with “journey” that you’ve been chosen to walk down….
    and it’s how you choose to walk down that journey, that makes “the difference”….we know….
    So, if you are ever faced with a challenging journey, you can…& will, make it…..if you allow to be….a journey of Faith….and allow it to give others……..hope, that they too, can make it!!!
    Our family has learned this first hand, from our second son….take a look at his website, that shows also, that….YOU CAN MAKE IT!!!!
    Thank you Hoyt Family, for sharing your journey with the world, letting us know, that “where there’s a will….there IS a WAY!!!!”
    Lord Bless ~
    The Torbert Family
    ~Proudest Family of 2 of the World’s Greatest Miracles…Our Boys ~ Benjamin & Braelin (our sons website)