Aaron Trimble on The Perfect Run

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“Nothing’s better than the wind to your back, the sun in front of you, and your friends beside you.” – Aaron Douglas Trimble

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  1. Melanippe on August 26th at 4:56 am

    Hello, I just found your blog. Interesting, because I have a husband that runs and I just started running too, even if very irregularly for now, but I’m trying not to give up. Difficult, as I already do have an overwhelming passion… horseriding.
    Actually, I’m posting a comment right now because a lot of time ago I found a quote very similar to this one, that said:
    “May you always have a good horse under you,
    your people around you,
    and wind in your hair”
    from the book The Grey Mane of Morning, by Joy Chant – a fantasy book about horses, of course 😉
    (that was and still is my motto: horse, of course!)