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photo of the weekWelcome to the first Photo of the Week for Complete Running. This week’s choice fittingly goes to the first place winner of the HSBC Calgary Marathon on July 9th 2006. Look at him fly and he’s wearing the perfect hat for an event in CowTown during Stampede week.

 2006 HSBC Calgary Marathon Winner

Jason Loutitt finished in first place well ahead of the next runner by over 10 minutes. The times of the top two runners are noted below.

Name Place Place Div ChipTime Pace/Km
Jason Loutitt, Banff AB 1/506 1/69 M30-34 2:34:57.7 3:41
Ryan Day 2/506 1/23 M20-24 2:45:28.7 3:56

It seems Jason comes from a background of great runners. Jason tells a story of his great grandfather living in Athabaska, Alberta in 1905. The town was in danger of flooding and notice had to be sent to Edmonton. A rider on horseback and Jason’s great grandfather on foot were sent. The rider took 17 hours, Jason’s great grandfather took 16 hours.

Photo reprinted with permission from Todd Ginther. Thanks Todd! You can find more of Todd’s photos at Flicker

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    Ha, great photo…

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