We are over 700 Running Blog Family Members !

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As of today, we now have 702 RBFers, and we continue to grow daily!

Stop by the RBF (Running Blog Family) and say hello to these new people. While you are there, visit the RBR (Running Blog Recents). This has all the posts for the day from everyone in our family. It also has a picture of the person writing so you can put a name to the face. To get the the RBR, click on the graphic on the top of the RBF list and it will take you right there. Better yet, write a post and go see what it looks like (aproximately an hour later). It is a great place to bring the worlds runners together and make our running family a lot more intimate and personal.

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Adventures in Running
Dave’s Running Blog
Joe’s “Running” Blog
Jogger Blogger
Luke Walsh
See Jen Run
The RunUp

  1. Annette on May 17th at 6:52 pm

    I can’t seem to get to the recent posts anymore. Has it been down, or have I lost my mind and
    forgotten how to access it?

  2. William on June 29th at 6:33 am

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