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A Little Running Blog Family History by Mark – one half of Complete Running

Well, Drew over at A Running Gag asked some questions about the RBF so I’m going to see if I can provide some history about our little family of runners.

Completerunning was registered January 23/04. Aaron (my friend and business partner) and I put the beginnings of the site on the web during February and March.

It was around the end of March/04 when I became aware of blogs. I was immediately fascinated with them and excitedly discussed the idea to foster an online running blog club/community with Aaron. He was easy to convince since he’d spent a couple of years as a Running Room marathon instructor and group run leader, and knew the value of groups to help people learn to run and establish good running habits.

On April 15, 2004, completerunning started three blogs – Aaron’s, Lesley’s and my own.

At about the same time, Running Chick with the Orange Hat, Dianna wrote her first blog post Why am I mentioning Dianna? Stay tuned!

For the next several months, I obsessively searched for running blogs and let me tell you, they were not easy to find back then! There only a few that were easy to find. There was Hollie’s from You’re Gonna Run in a What? Hollie wrote her first post on feb 16/2003 and, unfortunately, her last on November of the same year after completing her first marathon in Portland. But Hollie’s blog stands the test of time. It’s very inspiring stuff which I’m sure has spurred many a running blogger into writing action! The other veteran was/is Sean of A Runner’s Blog. He started his blog on May 6/03. Thankfully, he’s still running and writing. Lots of good stuff over there folks!

During those early days, I kept my list of blogs in my sidebar menu. As the list grew, other bloggers started sending me links and it began to grew more…they told two friends, and they told two friends, and so on and so on…

May May 28/04 I had 43 blogs in my list.

On June 4/04, Dianna typed the phrase “blogging family” into this post.

Then, on June 29/04, Dianna officially dubbed us the Running Blog Family (RBF) so now you know why Dianna was mentioned earlier in this post!

Around the beginning of July/04, Aaron suggested we take the list I’d been collecting, and make it into a separate running blog directory.

On July 14/04 we had 72 blogs in the new directory

On October 27 we hit the 100 mark and Aaron took over the task of adding new members. Am I ever glad he did because it got nuts after that!

On February 5, 2005 Cosmogrrl Marie made us a snazzy RBF button , and Jeff at Boingoblog began to talk seriously about a first ever RBF-Fest.

Shortly after, I discovered a weird thing with the RBF acronym. Since then, I’ve discovered another oddity: Running Blog Founder=RBF. Who are the Running Blog Founders? Keep on reading!

By March 24/05, the RBF had grown to over 200 members.

The RBF gained a bit of fame at the end of February/05 when Dianna’s gets an article published on the Runner’s World website.
Around August 6/2005 we broke 300.

And that brings us to today! Today, we have a real community of running bloggers – a true Running Blog Family. And Aaron’s been a really busy guy sometimes adding two or three new members each day! He’s been especially busy since Runner’s World Magazine published an article on running blogs in its September 2005 issue. We don’t search for blogs much anymore. They find this place!

And there have even been several RBF meet ups – races where members have gotten to know each other’s faces. How cool is that?
Future plans? Well, for starters we are going to assimilate the Cool Running Australia Running Blog Directory. Why? Because we love them Aussies! 😉

Who are the Running Blog Founders?
Who are the visionary 😉 founders of the running blog family? Here’s a purely subjective list of 35 blogs based on our best recollection of the ones that have been around the longest and who’ve linked back to the directory as members. Please note a few of them are inactive but we felt compeled to put them on the list anyway due to their early contributions to the RBF. We hope we did not miss anyone so please let us know if we have. Oh, and in celebration of your newfound status, here’s a button you founders can use on your blogs: Don’t like the colors for the button? No problem, just go here and make one of your own.

So, without further adu, here’s our not-so-official list of running blog family founders sorted alphabetically by blog name.

1-Sean A Runner’s Blog
2-Alex Addicted to Exercise
3-Aaron Air-run’s Running Blog
4-Rebecca Another Big Loser
5-Jason Big Bad Running Blog
6-Jeff Boingoblog
7-Mike Chicago Marathon Blog
8-Jon Chocolate Runner’s Blog
10-Marie Cosmogrrl
11-Susan Finally Running
12-Charlie Following Charlie
13-Hilary Hilary’s Steamtown Marathon Blog
14-Annalisa I am Running out of Lifetimes
15-Daniel I’m Gonna Run 26.2 Miles
16-April Anne It’s a Beautiful Life
17-Lynne je cours
18-Lafe Lafe Runs
19-Lesley Lesley’s Running Blog
20-Mia Mia Goddess
21-Ben Out Running, Back Soon
22-Kathy Pounding Pavement
23-Mark Run, Love, Live
24-Bill aka Yank Run, Run, Run, Run, Cycle, Cycle Cycle Too
25-Dianna Running Chick with the Orange Hat
26-Pam aka Pamalamadingdong Running Commentary
27-Lara Running in Place
28-Richard Running Towards Fitness
29-Reba Running Without the Sargeant-Major
30-Deene Tenderfoot Diaries
31-Marisa Ugly Toes
32-Marshall Ultrawalker
33-Karen Winning by Losing
34-Amy Work, Run, Sleep Repeat
35-Oliver Yet Another Running Blog

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  1. BD on June 27th at 8:40 pm

    I guess I came to the party a little late but I always felt like I was one of the early ones. You added me on October 25, 2004 so I was one of the first hundred.

    Pretty cool thing that you two have done…bringing runners together all around the globe. Truly remarkable.

    Thank you.